Do you want to explore your creativity through painting? Are you longing for creating without the need for accomplishment, self-criticism and comparison to others? Are you curious about finding your own creative expression?

Welcome to

        Foundation course in Vedic Art


Stora Holms säteri, Hisingen, Gothenburg

13-14/6 + 21-23/8 2020


Most kids like painting and expressing themselves. Somewhere on the way through the teens or as an adult, many of us stop painting because the pleasurable, playful part of it is replaced by self-criticism and the need for achieving. To me, it was just like that. I’ve always loved color and shapes and seen myself as a creative person. I even took painting classes as an adult, though I was often feeling insufficient and compared myself to others. It was like that until I took the Foundation course in Vedic Art. Suddenly I could be in my own creational bubble and paint in a playful way again. 


Vedic Art is a way to connect to ones creativity and paint only because it’s fun. The method is based on 17 Principles concerning life and art. It is a combination of the best parts of Western art and thousand year old Vedic doctrines. Read more about the method here:


This course is split in two weekends. To go through the whole Foundation course, one has to attend both weekends. It's also possible to only attend the first weekend. June 13-14  (Sat – Sun) plus August 21-23 (Fri - Sun) 2020.

Friday (only the second weekend) 9 am-4 pm,

Saturday and Sunday 10 am-4 pm

The location is Stora Holms säteri on Hisingen in Malin Årsbogs art studio. 


Price if you bring your own material: 

First weekend Sat-Sun 2 days: 1800 kr.

Second weekend Fri-Sun 3 days: 2200 kr

Or if you pay both weekends at once: 3800 kr

If you want me to buy material for you to use: 500 kr extra/weekend, for both weekends 950 kr.

Last day to sign up is the 15th of May. Sign up for the course by contacting

The teacher of the course is me, Maria Lekenstam. I work with Appricative Inquiry and leadership training in my own company Positive Change Consulting I'm also an artist in Lekenstam Art: At the moment I'm extra curious about what's happening when the consultant and the artist put their creative brains and souls together. What can emerge from that??  

You can follow my artistry through Instagram @marialekenstamart 

or my website