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One of my paintings is called ”I am so many” (Jag är så många). It suits both me and other people well. It’s exciting to think that we’re all more multifaceted, complex and creative than we tend to believe.

Some years ago I found my way back to the creative painting, and I’m incredibly happy for that. Loosing yourself in colors and shapes is childish fun. I paint happy shapes and round colors and I work mainly with acrylic paint, sometimes pastel crayons and homemade stamps. When I paint I feel like the explorer I dreamt of becoming as a child. The creative process moves here and there, back and forth. I paint over, paint some more, let it rest and pick it up again. While painting, I’m connected to my true and joyful hunger for discovery. 

Seeing others touched by my paintings adds another dimension for me. If my art can somehow give other people inspiration, a lust for life and curiosity, that’s beautiful and very powerful.



I’ve taken painting- and photo classes and I’ve done the Foundation course and Continuation courses in Vedic Art on Southern Öland. I also have a teachers degree in Vedic Art. 


Västra Hisingens konstrunda, Gothenburg

Galleri Engleson, Gotherburg                

Västra Hisingens konstrunda, Gothenburg

Södra Vätterbygdens konstrunda, Jönköping

Vårsalong samlingsutställning Gallery & More, Gothenburg

Änggårdens Hospice, Gothenburg

Västra Hisingens konstrunda, Gothenburg

Galleri Lillhammar, Gothenburg

Änggårdens hospice, Gothenburg

Södra Vätterbygdens Konstrunda, Jönköping

Rivercity Gallery, Gothenburg

Rivercity Gallery, Gothenburg

Johannebergs landeri, Gothenburg

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